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I had the extreme pleasure of attending the Elevate Conference this year.  This was my first conference I have ever attended and I went all by myself.  I knew the moment I arrived that it was going to FABULOUS in every which way.  Here are just a few of the highlights of the day...

Beautiful tables topped with all kinds of handmade and artistic goods.

Sweet and savory snack bar filled with lots of yummy treats.

Inspiration at every table made with love by DeeDeeMotique

Enjoyed chocolate covered oreos from Bella's Bakery.

Salty Bison artwork...need I say more. 

Bright and colorful personalized place settings.

Happy inspiration in the bouquet of blooms.

My favorite feather prints from Modify Ink.

Swag for days from all the fantastic sponsors.

Just one of our super cool and ever so stylish speakers....Alison Prince from Pick Your Plum.  She is amazing and She. Will. Not. Be. Stopped!

Let's just say I am a new lover of Cafe Rio and Crio Bru {it's like coffee but with cocoa beans}

Made a few crafts thanks to the ladies at Sizzix.

And last but certainly not least....the desserts! 

I met some amazing women throughout the day and went home feeling inspired and happy.  I can't wait for next years' conference.

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