{FOOD&DRINK} Book Club #1

I love to read and a few months ago I was asked to join a ladies book club.  We have read a variety of books since our first meeting. Such as, My Husbands Secret, Gone Girl, If I Stay, Unbroken and Paper Towns.  Some of the books have been great conversation starters and some have been total flops in my humble opinion...ahem...paper towns.  

Each month we meet at a different house and the host is in charge of making dinner for the group. This month was at my house and I went super classy with pizza and salad. HA! I did however make mini red velvet cupcakes to sweeten the night.  We then sit around the table discussing if we liked the book and what the book either taught us or got us thinking about.     

Sometimes we print out discussion questions about the book or fun conversation starters to get people talking. 

Next month we are reading The Invention of Wings.  If you are looking for a good read you might want to try this one along with us.  

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