{GIVE} Dog Lovers

 Someone I know is getting a new puppy and I couldn't be more excited for them.  I wanted to treat them to a box full of dog goodies and petco gift card to get them ready for their new 4 legged furry friend. 

I recycled a plastic box from my last costco trip and covered it with fun scrapbooking paper to hide the food logo.  Now they can reuse the box to hold dog treats, toys, the leash and doggie doo bags.  

Don't forget to cover the lid to match.

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{Give} Friends with a Heart of Gold

{Bragging moment}

I have an amazing group of friends.  I love each and everyone of them and try to let them know that how much they mean to me with my little treats.  Last week when I made THESE for my kiddos,  I couldn't resist making something special for one of my friends who happens to love rolos. 

{Materials Needed}

paper fruit basket
crinkle filler paper
gold ribbon
gold paper heart
sharpie markers

Draw mini hearts all over the paper basket.

Fill the basket with rolos and attach the ribbon to the sides of the basket creating a handle.  Use your paper heart to tell your friend that they have a HEART OF GOLD! 

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{Bake} Blueberry Swirl Crumb Muffins

I couldn't resist this recipe when I came across it in my favorite baking book.  A lot of the books recipes require extra steps but in the end it is always worth it.  These muffins are different then the average blueberry muffin recipe.  Instead of having big blueberries throughout, they have a swirl of blueberry compote.  The crumb topping always makes or breaks a good muffin recipe in my opinion and this one did not disapppoint.  DELICIOUS!

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{FOOD & DRINK} Sparkling Lime Water

There really isn't much to this refreshing lime drink.  However, the sparkling water and fresh limes adds a nice touch to a boring glass of water.  Serve up this sparkling water at your next brunch or luncheon and your guests will be raving about it.  

{Ingredients Needed}
a couple bottles of your favorite lime sparkling water
a handful of limes, sliced thin
mason jars filled with crushed ice

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{Craft} St. Patrick's Day


Every year I do a little something for my kiddos on St. Patrick's Day.  This year I put together a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow treat for them.  Using rainbow airheads and rolos this candy craft came together quite easy.

{Materials Needed}
rainbow airheads
green tag
paper fruit basket
crinkle filler paper
green sharpie

Decorate your paper basket with any design that fills your crafty heart with happiness.  Polka dots are always my go to design...easy! 

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{GIVE} Get Well Soon Basket

This get well soon basket has everything a friend would need to brighten their day.  A tasty drink, yummy treat, hand lotion, entertaining magazine and fun stamp to give it that personalized touch.  Simply gather items from your favorite store {insert target symbol here} and find a basket of some sort in there handy $1 section.  Add pretty paper and a tag and your gift is ready.

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{BAKE} Chocolate Cake

Homemade Chocolate Cake.

I really don't have to say much more except you should definitely try this recipe.  It was the perfect combo of chocolate and icing.  It wasn't too sweet but full of delicious chocolate flavor.  It was a crowd pleaser at the birthday party gaining oohs and ahhs across the table.  I may or may not have {definitely may have} eaten a piece for breakfast the next day.

Sprinkles are a must.

The icing was so creamy and delightful. 

Recipe can be found HERE.

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{DIY} Bath Salts

I have recently been obsessed with making my own bath products.  A couple weeks ago, I made coconut salt scrubs for myself and friends.  They were a hit but it got me thinking about other bath products that would make great gifts.  I decided to make simple bath salts using lavender essential oils.  

{Materials Needed}

1/2 cup of Epsom salt
6 drops of lavender essential oils
glass tube with cork top
pretty ribbon

Combine salt and lavender in a cup and mix.

Use a paper funnel to add your salts to the tube.

Add a pretty ribbon and you are done.

These would make great bridal or baby {girl} shower gifts.

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{FOOD&DRINK} Book Club #1

I love to read and a few months ago I was asked to join a ladies book club.  We have read a variety of books since our first meeting. Such as, My Husbands Secret, Gone Girl, If I Stay, Unbroken and Paper Towns.  Some of the books have been great conversation starters and some have been total flops in my humble opinion...ahem...paper towns.  

Each month we meet at a different house and the host is in charge of making dinner for the group. This month was at my house and I went super classy with pizza and salad. HA! I did however make mini red velvet cupcakes to sweeten the night.  We then sit around the table discussing if we liked the book and what the book either taught us or got us thinking about.     

Sometimes we print out discussion questions about the book or fun conversation starters to get people talking. 

Next month we are reading The Invention of Wings.  If you are looking for a good read you might want to try this one along with us.  

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{INSPIRATION} St. Patrick's Day Ideas

LUCKY me, I'm 1/8 Irish so I can actually say...Kiss Me I'm Irish!  St. Patrick's Day is such an easy holiday to skip right past.  We get all excited for Valentine's Day and then move right along to Easter, forgetting all about this very GREEN day.  Here is a little pinterest inspiration to get you in the SHAMROCK spirit.

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{DIY} Bath Salt Scrub with Essential Oils

Winter weather can dry out your skin leaving it feeling rough and itchy.  These DIY salt scrubs will not only soften your skin but they can help reduce stress, lift your mood and ease tense muscles.  The added essential oil helps relax your mind and body.  They can also help soothe dry skin irritations without harsh chemicals. 

I made a couple different scrubs and filled mini mason and glass jars to store them in.

Ingredients for SALT SCRUB
{makes approx. 3-4 cups of salt scrub}

2-21/2 cups of Epsom Salt
1 cup of fractionated coconut oil or regular coconut oil
15-20 drops of {any} one essential oil
Glass jar with a tight fitting lid to hold your scrub

in a bowl mix salt...

Coconut oil...

essential oil...

mix until you get a thick {slightly gooey} consistency

fill your glass jars...

Add a cute ribbon around the jar using a hot glue gun to adhere it.

Keep them for yourself as a relaxing bath retreat after a long winter day or give them as a gift.

To use:
Add a couple scoops to a warm bath and enjoy.  

I get my essential oils from Hippie Lawyer Mom...HERE

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