{INSPIRATION} California Mission

Although this is a craft, food and decorating blog, I often find inspiration while I'm out and about.  Which is why I'm sharing our day trip to a California mission a few weeks ago.  I was instantly impressed and amazed at all the beauty and architecture it had to offer.  It definitely inspired me to write this POST after seeing all the cactus and terra cotta pots. The entire mission was a photographers dream come true.  Everything from the buildings to the bell towers to the gardens to the arch corridors. I could have spent all day there lounging around the central garden area taking pictures.

Just look at that pond.
It was filled with huge koi fish that weren't afraid to come up to the surface to say hello. 

Even the natural floors were lovely. 

There were activities throughout to keep the kiddos entertained, such as plate rubbing and adobe brick making.


As always we ended the day on a sweet note with fro-yo.  
{at a near by location}

I encourage all of you to get out and explore a new place...close to home or a day drive away.  You never know what you will find.

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