{CRAFT} Bright Geometric Mini Succulent Pots

I have been admiring painted terra cotta pots on pinterest for some time now but couldn't find the right occasion for them.  If you live towards the west coast you are fully aware that winter is OVER! Spring has sprung and what better occasion for painting outdoors than warm beautiful weather.  I headed to Joann's craft store for the supplies and was pleasantly surprised at how inexpensive the materials were.  
{This would be a great birthday gift, mother's day gift, or house warming gift}

Materials Needed:
3 small terra cotta pots
3 mini succulent plants
3 acrylic paint colors
1 paint brush
painters tape

Start by taping off a triangle shape {just eye ball it} anywhere on the pot.  

Paint your triangle in one color and allow the paint to dry {10-15 min}

Remove the painters tape and paint the rest of the pot in a different color.  

 Once you have painted all three pots in different {but coordinating colors}, allow the paint to dry. One side of the pot will be a nice solid bright color,

The other side will have these cool geometric triangles.  Add your mini succulents {plastic pot and all}  

Find a great place inside or outside to display your new pots or give as a gift. 

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