{DIY} How To Dress Up Store Bought Flowers

I often linger around the fresh flower part of the grocery store gazing at all the beautiful flowers.  I am definitely "one of those people" who loves fresh flowers and would be delighted if my hubby brought them home on a weekly basis. Flowers are so cheerful and bright.  They can add that pop of color to your kitchen or entry way table.  

I adore giving flowers as gifts to congratulate and show my appreciation.  Most of the time the flowers are in those plastic bags with a ugly price sticker on it, along with the flower food and a few chunky rubber bands holding it all together....not cute! Here is how I hide all that with something most of us have in our house currently.

1.  bright fun wrapping paper
2.  ribbon
3.  floral paper tag

Cover the plastic wrapped flowers with the wrapping paper, pull it together with a colorful ribbon and then add a tag.

Two beautiful friends were the recipents of these floral bunches for a "40 is the new 30" birthday brunch.
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