{BAKE} If You Give A Friend A Cookie...

I cherish each and every one of my friends.  They are all different and all imperfectly perfect.  I try to make a point in letting them know how much their friendships mean to me.  So, of course I couldn't help myself last time I made my favorite batch of chocolate chip cookies.  I wrapped a few up for my dear friend and off they went to her house.

1.  clear cello bag
2.  small cup {cookie size}
3.  bright satin ribbon
4.  coordinating tag {cut out with fun sisscors}
5.  hole punch
6.  coordinating twine to tie on the tag

Need my FAVORITE chocolate chip recipe....
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{CRAFT} Glitter Banner

Between Halloween and Christmas my home seems a little drab.  Mostly because I don't have very many Thanksgiving decorations.  While at the craft store I came across this darling {and sparkly} box of chip board glitter letters.  I remember seeing THIS on pinterest and thought it was so simple and would be the perfect addition to my tiny box of Thanksgiving decor.

This is hands down the easiest Thanksgving banner around.  You still have time to make one of your own!

1.  gold glittered chip board letters {Michaels Craft Store}
2.  elmers glue
3.  twine or thin string
{Glue letters with glue to twine.  Allow time to dry and hang up with pride that you created this!}

 WARNING::: These pictures were taken on a dark cloudy day so you'll have to imagine the sunlight bouncing off these letters creating a delightful glow in our living room. 

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{BAKE} The BEST Chocolate Chip Cookie EVER

Yes, it's true.  I have a problem when it comes to chocolate chip cookies.  I can't say no when offered one or turn down an opportunity to try out someone elses favorite CCC recipe.  However,  I was given this recipe quite a few years ago and it is still my favorite.

{adapted from this recipe originaly}

1 3/4 C flour
3/4 t baking soda
1/4 t salt
3/4 C unsalted butter softened
1/2 C sugar
1/2 C brown sugar
1 egg
1 t pure maple syrup {or vanilla extract}
2 C semi sweet chocolate chips

make it

PREHEAT oven to 375°F. Mix flour, baking soda and salt until well blended; set aside. Beat butter and sugars in large bowl with electric mixer on medium speed until light and fluffy. Add egg and maple syrup; mix well. Gradually add flour mixture, beating well after each addition. Stir in chocolate chips.

DROP heaping tablespoonfuls of dough, 2 inches apart, onto baking sheets.  Use parchment paper for the perfect crispiness on the cookie edge.

BAKE 11 to 12 min. or until lightly browned. Cool 1 min.; remove to wire racks. Cool completely.

Look at that CCC perfection! Each one has a crispy edge with a soft and chewy center.  It is the perfect amount of chocolate chips to dough ratio.  Just looking at them makes me want to make a batch.

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{GIVE} Candy Gram

As I have mentioned in the past, my love language is gift giving.  I can't help pass up an opportunity to give a little something to my favorite people.  The cute candy gram below is the perfect little gift for that someone special.  You really can't go wrong with filling this bucket with a  sweet treat and better yet this one requires zero baking! 

1. gold bucket
2. different types of candy in holiday colors
3.  brown crinkle filler paper
4.  gold ribbon
5.  paper tag
6.  small stamps
7. fun sisscors for the tag

There you have it...one {sweet} candy gram to bring a smile to someones face.  This gift can be given to an age for any reason or no reason at all.

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{INSPIRATION} November Craft Haul 2014

I love a good craft haul and November did not disappoint.  Gold, cream, orange, and warm browns were the colors I was drawn too.  Along with my slight obsession with all things that glitter and sparkle. Click the links below to find out where you can find these items.

1. glitter picks  2. gold bucket  3. Muirhead pumpkin butter  4. felt leaves  5.  clutch   6. gold stars  7.  gold leaf necklace
8. orange twine  9. orange sharpie markers  10. gold ric rac ribbon  11. glittered acorns  12.  glittery wide ribbon  
13. orange grow grain ribbon

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{CRAFT} Mini Pumpkin Gifts For Kids

Mini pumpkins can make for a super cute and fun gift for kids.  Just pick up a couple mini pumpkins at your grocery store or local pumpkin patch.  Add a few art supplies and you have yourself a creative gift. 

Here are three different mini pumpkin art "kits"...

Materials Needed:
1.  mini pumpkin
2. paint brush
3.  paint pots 6 pack
4.  cello bag
5.  brown crinkle filler paper
6.  fall ribbon

{great for boys...or girls}
Materials Needed:
1.  mini pumpkin
2.  camouflage ribbon
3.  Green puffy paint

Materials Needed:
1.  small pumpkin
2.  colorful yarn
3.  confetti
4. glue stick
5.  cello bag

P.S. these would also make for a great party favor for kids to take home.
Just add a tag that says...

"Thanks for coming to my party. ENJOY!"
"Don't let the party end...have fun decorating these pumpkins at home"

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{INSPIRATION} Thanksgiving Kids Table

Thanksgiving is a time for family, friends and FOOD.  As much as I enjoy making things look pretty with ribbons and bows, I have come to believe that this holiday, in particular is ALL ABOUT THE FOOD!  Of course, I will set my Thanksgiving table with some sort of flare and decor using a few glittery objects and ribbons, but my main objective is to make a delicious meal that my family will OOOH AND AHHH over.

HOWEVER....Kids don't always care about the food on Thanksgiving, so I came up with a fun and inexpensive kid table theme where they can happily color on the table, nibble on goldfish and sip punch from their decorated mason jars. 

Materials Needed:
1. brown paper {table cover}
2.  markers
3.  mason jars
4.  fall ribbon and embellishments {acorns, leaves, woodland animals, etc...}
4.  plastic utensils
5.  snack cups
6.  mini pumpkins
7. mini glue dots
8.  gems, colored stones, rice, pebbles, etc... {for the marker jar}

Tie a ribbon around the jar and use a glue dot for the acorn

Fill and jar, vase or glass cup with gems and stick the markers in the middle for a pop of color.
Tie another ribbon around the jar and use a glue dot for the acorn

Wrap the plastic utensils with theme matching fun ribbon

Use mini pumpkins, glittery acorns, and felt leaves for the "centerpiece"

Use a marker in a coordinating color to make a faux placemat and create a spot where kids can write down what they are thankful for.


P.S. This would be a great idea to offer up to your Thanksgiving hostess {if you are not hosting yourself}.  She might be very "THANKFUL" that you have come up with a way to entertain the kiddos while the adults enjoy all the glorious food. 

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{CRAFT} Fall Treat Boxes

I found these adorable fall treat boxes at hobby lobby recently. They are the perfect size for a loaf of seasonal bread or a couple of muffins.  These would be great for teachers, friends, family, neighbors, or as a hostess gift.  

I usually make my favorite COFFEE CAKE MUFFINS but I couldn't pass up these store bought giant muffins on my last shopping trip.  Each one could feed 2 people.

Need more muffin or seasonal bread recipes to choose from?

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{CRAFT} Mini Pumpkins

I usually pick up a couple of these mini pumpkins at the grocery store or local pumpkin patch each year.  Sometimes I just leave them as is and put them throughout the house.  Other times I get crafty and come up with fun ways to decorate them.

Here are three different ways you can craft up your mini pumpkins...

{entry way table}
Materials Needed:
1. mini pumpkin
2. fall colored {sparkly} ribbon cut up into confetti
3.  glue stick


{kitchen windowsill}
Materials Needed:
1.  mini pumpkin
2.  hole punch
3. scrapbooking paper for confetti
4.  sharpie marker {brush tip}
5.  glue stick

Materials Needed:
1.  small pumpkin
2.  puffy paint in a variety of colors
3.  colorful yarn

{P.S. this would be a great craft project for kids!}

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