{DIY} Mason Jar Wall Display

My friend decided to start a crafting group so you can imagine my delight when she asked me to join.    Each time we get together we pick one craft that costs $10 or less and make it.  Buying in bulk and splitting the cost of supplies helps keep the price low.  This craft actually came in at $9.

 We made an adorable {and functional} mason jar wall display. 
{below is an example of what we had in mind}

image via Mango and Passion Fruit

Materials Needed:
1.  4 mason jars
2.  20' x 6' piece of wood
3.  stain or paint color of your choice
4. sandpaper
5. 4 small screws
6.  4 adjustable rings

start by staining or painting your wood and mark 4 evenly placed spots for your screws

next, use a phillips screwdriver to screw your rings into place on the marked spots

next, add the mason jars and adjust the rings for a tight fit.
You are done!

one crafter added a few swipes of chalk board paint so she could write the contents of the jar on it

another crafter painted hers a beautiful blue then sanded and waxed it for a rustic look
Everyones craft turned out fabulous and had their own unique touch.  I can't wait to see what next time brings my way.

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