{INSPIRATION} Halloween Round Up 2014

Halloween is less than 2 days away!
I came across some spooktackular Halloween inspiration this year on Pinterest.  Check out the links below if you see anything you want to add to your Pinterest board for next year.
{or this year...there is still time!}

{follow links clockwise} 1. trick or treat chalk sign  2. I spy Halloween game  3. Halloween flower lanterns 
4. Halloween fire place mantel   5. Witch cupcake   6. Halloween 31 wreath   7. Boo treat bags 
8.  Vampire teeth napkin ring   9. Oreo eyeballs

Go HERE for marshmallow ghosts

Go HERE for Halloween party cups

Go HERE for non-candy Treats
Happy Halloween!!!!

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{DIY} How To Organize Your Craft Supplies

Over the years I have collected mason jars in various sizes.  I started keeping pens, pencils, and markers in them at first and then realized that they would be great for the rest of my craft supplies.

Medium size jars for markers, sharpies, pens and scissors

small jars for smaller items like paper clips, confetti and mini close line clips

Large jars for washi tapes, colored pencils, paint pots and water color strips

Oops...I forgot about my chalk.  Perfect in a medium sized jar

Here is a glimpse at my craft table organization:
My craft table is not fancy by any means but it fits my style.
"Crafty, Colorful, and Cheeky"

I like to keep a small organized drawer system for tags and different types of glue

{It's a bit much for some but I love it!}

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{BAKE} Rock Your Next School Bake Sale

I adore school bake sales.  It is the perfect excuse {not that I ever need one} to bake treats.  If you want your bake sale treat to stand out amongst all those other goodies on the table, try these simple tricks...

1. pre-package your treats in individual bags or cups
2. add colorful ribbon, tags or fun washi tape to each one
3.  pick something simple to bake...cookies, brownies, bars or rice crispy treats
4.  three cookies is the perfect amount for each individual bag
5. cut your brownies, bars or rice crispy treats the size of your palm

I put together two treats for the bake sale.
One is a homemade chocolate chip cookie bar from scratch.
The second is a semi-homemade glazed donut hole with rainbow sprinkles.
{recipes and instructions are below}

I can't pass up a chocolate chip cookie...ever!
These delicious chocolate chip cookie bars are just as good as the typical round ones but the bar style makes your bake sale treat special.

Not everyone is a baker, so I came up with these fun SEMI-HOMEMADE donut holes.
Purchase a box of glazed donut holes from the grocery store along with a tub of rainbow sprinkles.

Put the sprinkles in a bowl

Gently roll and press the sprinkles onto the donut hole

The sprinkles will give the donut holes a little pop of color in the clear cello bag.
Kids love anything with sprinkles on it.

Put your treats in clear cello bags and add your special embellishment to make your treats more eye catching.  


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{GIVE} Personalized Hostess Gift {$5}

First things first..don't show up to a party without a some kind of gift in tow.  The hostess has opened her home, wallet and {possibly} her sanity in order to entertain you.  It is sure way to get invited to the next shindig as well as thank the hostess for their efforts.  
Here is an easy $5 gift that any hostess would appreciate.

All the materials were bought at Target in the dollar section

Materials Needed:
1.  chalkboard coasters
2.  chalk marker
3.  big fluffy fake flower
4.  burlap bag {to hold the coasters}
5.  Big glittery ribbon

I decorated the coasters with cute sayings and designs.
The hostess can easily wipe them off and write/draw anything they choose.
Add the coasters and chalk marker to the bag.   Wrap the flower with a big ribbon and off you go to the party.  
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{CRAFT} Fall Treat Cups & Yummy Recipes

Heading off to the pumpkin patch this weekend?
Pack up these fall treat cups to enjoy while you are there picking out the perfect pumpkin.  I can almost guarantee that your family and friends joining you will be impressed by these treats.  

Materials Needed:
1.  plain cups {hobby lobby or any craft supply store}
2.  clear cello treat bags
3.  fun fall ribbon
4.  wooden tags
5.  treat of your choice...
click on the links below for some great recipes
{trail mix, granola bites, carmel corn, cinnamon sugar pretzels}

wrap your treats in the cello bag and add your ribbon and tag

You could write fun words on the tag or add names for a personalized touch

I hope they enjoy these fall treats cups as much as I do. 

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{DIY} Mason Jar Wall Display

My friend decided to start a crafting group so you can imagine my delight when she asked me to join.    Each time we get together we pick one craft that costs $10 or less and make it.  Buying in bulk and splitting the cost of supplies helps keep the price low.  This craft actually came in at $9.

 We made an adorable {and functional} mason jar wall display. 
{below is an example of what we had in mind}

image via Mango and Passion Fruit

Materials Needed:
1.  4 mason jars
2.  20' x 6' piece of wood
3.  stain or paint color of your choice
4. sandpaper
5. 4 small screws
6.  4 adjustable rings

start by staining or painting your wood and mark 4 evenly placed spots for your screws

next, use a phillips screwdriver to screw your rings into place on the marked spots

next, add the mason jars and adjust the rings for a tight fit.
You are done!

one crafter added a few swipes of chalk board paint so she could write the contents of the jar on it

another crafter painted hers a beautiful blue then sanded and waxed it for a rustic look
Everyones craft turned out fabulous and had their own unique touch.  I can't wait to see what next time brings my way.

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{INSPIRATION} Halloween and Fall Haul

While I was out shopping for craft supplies and beauty products I came across a few fall gems that I couldn't live without this season.
Check them out below and click on the links for more info or to get your own.
1. Fall Ribbon {Hobby Lobby}  2. Fabric Ribbon {Hobby Lobby}  3. Halloween Glitter Decor Pick {Michael's}  4. Bumble and Bumble Invisible Oil {Sephora}  5. Revlon colorstay gel envy {Target}  6. Witch Washi Tape {Michael's}  7. Orange Bubble Necklace {Target}  8. Justin's Hazelnut Butter  9. Fun{ny} Halloween Treat Bags {Michael's}  10. Josie Maran Creamy Oil Set {Sephora}  11. Colorful Halloween Mini Cupcake or Candy Cups {Joann's}

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{CRAFT} Spooky Halloween Party Cups

These Halloween party cups would be the perfect addition to your food & drink table at your party.   They also make for a frightfully funny party gift if you fill them with individual drink packets in halloween colors. 
{grape, lemon lime, watermelon}

Materials Needed:
1.  plastic halloween cups
2.  green straws
3.  halloween colored crinkle paper filler
4.  halloween ribbon
5.  vampire teeth

Tie the teeth onto the straw for a festive Halloween touch. 

image via southern living

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{CRAFT} Classroom {non-candy} Treats

I can eat sweets everyday....EVERYDAY! 
However, I know there are some of you out there who are not a fan of sweet treats and candy as much as I am.  I came up with a non-candy class party treat just for you.  

{These would also make adorable little gifts to give friends}

Materials Needed:
1.  small plastic pumpkins or cauldrons
2.  halloween colored crinkly paper filler
3.  mini halloween inspired "costumes"
{witch finger, crazy eye ball patch, spider ring, vampire teeth}
I tied a halloween ribbon on this one to add some color.

I put the spider ring on the handle so it looked like it  was crawling up the cauldron.

This is one of those gifts that the bag is better than what is inside.
I couldn't resist these Martha Stewart Halloween bags that I bought AFTER Halloween last year on clearance at Michaels.   Don't forget to stock up {and save money} for next year.

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I could browse Pinterest all day long looking at fall related pins.
Here are a few things I have been pinning on my Pinterest boards for my 2014 fall inspiration.
Simple and cozy seems to be the trend for most of these pins.

1. Fall Print  2. Fall Cookie  3. Fall Table  4. Fall Added Touch
5. Fall Craft  6. Fall Chalkboard  7. Fall Kid Fun  8. Fall Outfit  9. Fall Place Cards

For more fall inspiration check out the 

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{CRAFT} Friendly Ghosts

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays to make fun treats for my kids classroom parties.  There are so many different options when it comes to Halloween treats it is hard to decide which ones to choose. 

I love the idea of candy on a stick so I came up with these friendly ghosts to hand out to the class.  These sweet marshmallow ghosts will give the kids delight not fright.

Materials Needed:
1.  marshmallow ghost peeps
2.  lollipop sticks
3.  small cello bags
4.  fun Halloween ribbon
{I like to match my ribbon with my marshmallows}

There you have it. 

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