{CRAFT} That Added Touch

I enjoy making my own gift wrapping and tags because it is a huge money saver and I can design each one special for the birthday recipient. I buy plain bags in bulk at craft stores {with a coupon} or at the dollar store.  Whenever card stock sheets are on sale, I will pick up a few in different colors and designs.  I always have twine on hand and stock up when its on sale as well.  

Here are a couple of easy additions that make your gift wrap extra adorable.

Fun arrows are the new flag banner.

Materials Needed:
1.  card stock paper in a variety of colors
2.  bamboo sticks {used for food kabobs}
3.  hot glue gun
They make for a cute addition to wrapping paper as a topper or replacement for that big bulky card.

Arrows may be the new fun thing but flag banners are still adorable.

Materials Needed:
1.  plain bag
2.  card stock paper cut into small diamonds and folded in half
3. twine
4. glue {to keep the flags together with the twine inside}

I used my cricut {or you can use a paper punch} to cut out a fun design to use as a tag.  Drape the flag banner across the bag and tie the tag on with whatever you have on hand.

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