{CRAFT} My Gift Giving AH-HA Moment

I was joking with a friend the other day that I am a terrible gift giver.  We laughed because that is supposed to be the whole point of this blog....simple gift giving ideas.  I told her the gifts I pick out are good but more times than not the recipient likes the wrapping better than the gift.  They ooh and ahh over the bows and tags and handmade touches only to be somewhat bored with the actual gift.  

She then said something that may change my gift giving world forever.  
She simply said, "Why don't you give your wrapping ideas away as the actual gift?"  
Genius! I have the smartest friends. 

Materials Needed:
1.  a cute box
2.  crinkle filler paper
3.  colorful string
4.  small stamps
5.  a small ink pad
6.  10 pre-cut plain tags in a fun shape
{I used my cricut to cut out a quote bubble shape on school lined card stock paper}

In the box they went...

Now that special someone will be ready to add a tag to whatever comes there way.
Perhaps a homemade treat they want to share or as a gift tag on a present instead of a bulky card.

I bought 6 small plain bags.
Made 6 cute tags with a hole punch on the top.
Wrapped it with enough twine to use on all 6 bags.

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