Fake it

As the seasons change, I like to change my kitchen and living room decor with fake fruit.  Yes, you heard me...fake fruit.  It may seem cheesy but it last much longer than the real stuff and it comes in all different sizes to fit my jars, bowls, vases, etc...  

If done right the fake stuff can look great as long as you wipe the dust off every once and awhile to avoid looking like the 1980's.  Check out two of the ways I add color to my home with fake fruit.

Mini lemons in a glass bowl surrounded by regular sized lemons on a branch gives my table a bright look for spring and

 I tied the kitchen lemon decor into my living room by adding a large lemon tree branch to a tall vase on the entry way table

Mini red apples in mason jars are a cute addition to my fall decor.  The red really stands out next to the green branches I put in the vase behind it.

There you have it.  Simple changes and fake fruit can add pops of color to boring tables.  

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