{GIVE} Back to School Treats For Teachers

Back to School is in full swing in our neighborhood.   Which means it is time to start thinking about fun treats and gifts to welcome back teachers, school staff and friends that we missed over summer.   Here are some of the my back to school treats. 

Small Jars {Michael's}, pre-cut school tags on twine {Michael's}

Fill with your favorite treat and give it to someone special.

I love adding notes to my kids lunches on the first day of school.  If I have time I will look up a couple of funny jokes that they can share at lunch time with their friends.

Use a Cricut or large paper punch to cut out fun shape using card  or paper stock {Michael's}.

Here are a couple of my favorite back to school kid jokes...
1.  What is a pirates favorite school subject?  --Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrt!
2.  How does a bee get to school?  --On a school buzz.
3.  What did the pencil say to the other pencil?  --You look sharp!

Check out my back 2 school pinterest board for more great ideas.

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