{GIVE} Labor Day Last Minute Hostess Gift

In need of a last minute hostess gift for your Labor day BBQ?  
I have you covered.

1. Grab your {or the hosts} favorite bottle of wine.  
2. Wrap it in a decorative napkin
 {holiday colored tissue paper would do in a pinch}  
3. Tie it up with whatever you have on hand: twine, string, ribbon, etc...
{in my case I used leftover star garland from the 4th of July}
4.  Add a tag and you are set

Enjoy the party!

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After School Snacks

After school lets for the day my kids always coming home saying they are starving! My go to answer was always, "Find something healthy to snack on."  They would usually come out of the pantry with a bag of chips or cookies and then whine and complain when I said "NO WAY, put it back. That's not even close to being healthy!"  

Enter Pinterest healthy snack finder.  There are so many delicious snacks out there, I didn't know which ones to start with.  I wish I could say I had enough time to make THESE or THESE...but I don't.  Here are a couple of easy snacks I usually make for my kids.


I organize the snacks in the pantry and the fridge, 
so the kids can't miss the healthy snacks when looking.  


Add mini chocolate chips or sprinkles to banana bites with peanut butter or sprinkle cinnamon on sliced apples to convince your kids they are having a special treat rather than a healthy snack. 

For more delicious snacks for kids {and moms} check out my SNACKS board on Pinterest.

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{DIY} Back to School Craft Table Runner

My kids love to do crafts {I can't imagine where they possibly get that from?}.  For the past 5 years we have done a big back to school dinner with table decorations, fancy plates and drinking glasses.  This year was no different except I decided to turn our dinner table decorations into a fun craft.  
WIN WIN in my book!

I bought a roll of butcher paper {any craft store}.
It can be used for so many different things.
A homemade birthday banner,  a rustic table runner, or art themed birthday party wall art

I put our markers in cute little mason jars and added back to school tags and ribbons that I had left over from
my last project.

Together my kids and I came up with this fun kitchen table cover.   The kids loved picking school items to draw and helping me make it colorful.  It was a great way to get my kids excited for back to school.

First day of school pictures are a must in our house {and probably yours}.  We take them on our front porch right before we walk off to school.  This year I added a fun white erase board I found at Target for $1.


Simply Made by,


{GIVE} Back to School Treats For Teachers

Back to School is in full swing in our neighborhood.   Which means it is time to start thinking about fun treats and gifts to welcome back teachers, school staff and friends that we missed over summer.   Here are some of the my back to school treats. 

Small Jars {Michael's}, pre-cut school tags on twine {Michael's}

Fill with your favorite treat and give it to someone special.

I love adding notes to my kids lunches on the first day of school.  If I have time I will look up a couple of funny jokes that they can share at lunch time with their friends.

Use a Cricut or large paper punch to cut out fun shape using card  or paper stock {Michael's}.

Here are a couple of my favorite back to school kid jokes...
1.  What is a pirates favorite school subject?  --Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrt!
2.  How does a bee get to school?  --On a school buzz.
3.  What did the pencil say to the other pencil?  --You look sharp!

Check out my back 2 school pinterest board for more great ideas.

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Hello and Welcome to Simply Made {by Stephanie}

 A blog about my simple crafts, my effortless gift giving and my tasty treats.  I have always enjoyed showing those near and dear to my heart how I feel about them with little gifts.  I enjoy making things look pretty by adding tags, bows, twine, ribbon, what have you.  Follow along as I share with you simple and easy crafts, gifts, decorations and treats.