{GIVE} Hot Cocoa for the Neighbors

Put together this hot chocolate and coffee gift for your neighbors or family friends this Christmas and they will surely be delighted.
Materials Needed:
1.  to-go paper cups
2.  hot cocoa mix
3. instant coffee
4.  fun straws or stick stirrers
5.  mini chocoloates or cookies
6. holiday ribbon

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{GIVE} Holiday Gift Cards

 Sometimes the best gifts are gift cards.  Let's be honest, everyone likes gift cards.  I jazzed my gift cards up with a few small goodies and off they went to delighted friends and teachers.

1.  Sephora gift card with holiday eos lip balm 
2.  Starbucks gift card in a mug with tea bags and mini chocolates
3.  Chipotle and Jack in the Box gift cards with mini chocolates


{GIVE} Prints for Cooks and Bakers

These kitchen prints are perfect gift for the cook or baker in your life. You could even go one step further by getting matching frames to save them from the added task.

image via LeslieLovePrints

 Get it HERE

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{Guest Blogging} Gifts for Beauty Lovers

I am guest vlogging over at LIFE WITH LIPSTICK ON 

Head on over to watch me act completely normal on camera (haha!) while I wrap the perfect gift this holiday for any beauty lover. 

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{CRAFT} Traditional Red and Green Plaid Christmas Theme

After my last post about a merry & bright Christmas theme, I gathered up my other goodies and weighed my wrapping options.  I feel in love with the traditional Christmas colors and the cozy plaid added touches.  It is going to be hard to decide on just one theme so don't be surprised if they both get used!

1. red, green and cream colored plaid {to tie big bows on presents}
2. red crinkle filler paper {to add fluff to gift bags and jars}
3. plaid clothes pins with warm and fuzzy shapes {to attach tags or recipe cards to treats}
4.  green and red Christmas scrapbook paper {for gift tags}
5. red glitter ball ornaments {to embellish tops of presents and bags}

1. clear paint cans {to fill with treats and trinkets}
2. red, green and white flag triangles {to make a mini banner}

the Christmas tree cookie box peeking out of the upper left corner

 red and white washi tape on the right {for sealing treat bags and taping gifts with style}

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{CRAFT} Merry & Bright Christmas Theme

I have a Christmas conundrum.  I can't not decide which Christmas theme to go with this year.
{Crafter problems, I know!}

Every year, I tell myself I am going to try something different but then end up doing something very traditional instead.  This year I actually bought some {Merry & Bright} themed goodies to get me started on a least a few gifts even if I opt out for the traditional look.
Left to Right {clockwise}
1. teal and turquoise glittered peacock feather picks {present toppers}
2. colorful floral and arrow scrapbooking paper {gift tags}
3. plum and metallic ribbons {can be used to tie up treat bags instead of ribbon}
4. bright glittered ball ornaments{present toppers and gift bag embellishments}
5. lime green polka dot straws {add to hot chocolate mixes for a pop of color}
6. tiny flag triangles {make a gift banner}
7. multi colored chevron gift boxes {for small trinkets and goodies}

 These colors would be so unexpected under the Christmas tree that they are sure to delight your friends and family. 

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{BAKE} Last Minute Christmas Gift

I am fairly organized with my Christmas gift giving, yet there always seems to be that one instance when I need a gift in hand when I show up but didn't plan for it.  Whether it is a coffee meet up with a friend or a last minute gathering to drive around and look at Christmas lights.  

This would be the perfect go to last minute gift for those times.  You can make your treats ahead of time and freeze them until needed {chocolate chip cookies are perfect for this}.  Pop a few treats into the adorable containers you bought at Target for $1.  Add the tag with some holiday ribbon and you are good to go.

Just in case you need my FAVORITE chocolate chip cookie recipe...
Get it HERE.

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{DIY} How To Dress Up Store Bought Flowers

I often linger around the fresh flower part of the grocery store gazing at all the beautiful flowers.  I am definitely "one of those people" who loves fresh flowers and would be delighted if my hubby brought them home on a weekly basis. Flowers are so cheerful and bright.  They can add that pop of color to your kitchen or entry way table.  

I adore giving flowers as gifts to congratulate and show my appreciation.  Most of the time the flowers are in those plastic bags with a ugly price sticker on it, along with the flower food and a few chunky rubber bands holding it all together....not cute! Here is how I hide all that with something most of us have in our house currently.

1.  bright fun wrapping paper
2.  ribbon
3.  floral paper tag

Cover the plastic wrapped flowers with the wrapping paper, pull it together with a colorful ribbon and then add a tag.

Two beautiful friends were the recipents of these floral bunches for a "40 is the new 30" birthday brunch.
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{BAKE} If You Give A Friend A Cookie...

I cherish each and every one of my friends.  They are all different and all imperfectly perfect.  I try to make a point in letting them know how much their friendships mean to me.  So, of course I couldn't help myself last time I made my favorite batch of chocolate chip cookies.  I wrapped a few up for my dear friend and off they went to her house.

1.  clear cello bag
2.  small cup {cookie size}
3.  bright satin ribbon
4.  coordinating tag {cut out with fun sisscors}
5.  hole punch
6.  coordinating twine to tie on the tag

Need my FAVORITE chocolate chip recipe....
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{CRAFT} Glitter Banner

Between Halloween and Christmas my home seems a little drab.  Mostly because I don't have very many Thanksgiving decorations.  While at the craft store I came across this darling {and sparkly} box of chip board glitter letters.  I remember seeing THIS on pinterest and thought it was so simple and would be the perfect addition to my tiny box of Thanksgiving decor.

This is hands down the easiest Thanksgving banner around.  You still have time to make one of your own!

1.  gold glittered chip board letters {Michaels Craft Store}
2.  elmers glue
3.  twine or thin string
{Glue letters with glue to twine.  Allow time to dry and hang up with pride that you created this!}

 WARNING::: These pictures were taken on a dark cloudy day so you'll have to imagine the sunlight bouncing off these letters creating a delightful glow in our living room. 

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{BAKE} The BEST Chocolate Chip Cookie EVER

Yes, it's true.  I have a problem when it comes to chocolate chip cookies.  I can't say no when offered one or turn down an opportunity to try out someone elses favorite CCC recipe.  However,  I was given this recipe quite a few years ago and it is still my favorite.

{adapted from this recipe originaly}

1 3/4 C flour
3/4 t baking soda
1/4 t salt
3/4 C unsalted butter softened
1/2 C sugar
1/2 C brown sugar
1 egg
1 t pure maple syrup {or vanilla extract}
2 C semi sweet chocolate chips

make it

PREHEAT oven to 375°F. Mix flour, baking soda and salt until well blended; set aside. Beat butter and sugars in large bowl with electric mixer on medium speed until light and fluffy. Add egg and maple syrup; mix well. Gradually add flour mixture, beating well after each addition. Stir in chocolate chips.

DROP heaping tablespoonfuls of dough, 2 inches apart, onto baking sheets.  Use parchment paper for the perfect crispiness on the cookie edge.

BAKE 11 to 12 min. or until lightly browned. Cool 1 min.; remove to wire racks. Cool completely.

Look at that CCC perfection! Each one has a crispy edge with a soft and chewy center.  It is the perfect amount of chocolate chips to dough ratio.  Just looking at them makes me want to make a batch.

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{GIVE} Candy Gram

As I have mentioned in the past, my love language is gift giving.  I can't help pass up an opportunity to give a little something to my favorite people.  The cute candy gram below is the perfect little gift for that someone special.  You really can't go wrong with filling this bucket with a  sweet treat and better yet this one requires zero baking! 

1. gold bucket
2. different types of candy in holiday colors
3.  brown crinkle filler paper
4.  gold ribbon
5.  paper tag
6.  small stamps
7. fun sisscors for the tag

There you have it...one {sweet} candy gram to bring a smile to someones face.  This gift can be given to an age for any reason or no reason at all.

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{INSPIRATION} November Craft Haul 2014

I love a good craft haul and November did not disappoint.  Gold, cream, orange, and warm browns were the colors I was drawn too.  Along with my slight obsession with all things that glitter and sparkle. Click the links below to find out where you can find these items.

1. glitter picks  2. gold bucket  3. Muirhead pumpkin butter  4. felt leaves  5.  clutch   6. gold stars  7.  gold leaf necklace
8. orange twine  9. orange sharpie markers  10. gold ric rac ribbon  11. glittered acorns  12.  glittery wide ribbon  
13. orange grow grain ribbon

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